I’m Here, but No BAG!


Ok, I made it to Missoula just fine, but my trailer bag never left LA….. So its supposed to arrive today around noon. That puts me in a bit of a squeeze to make it to Darby (70 miles or so), but that’s cool. I stayed with Erik (final year of PhD in alpine plant community ecology) and Daisy (environmental consultant/web designer for MSU). Thank you so much!

Missoula is excellent! Very clean, green (lliterally and figuratively), and delightfully comfortable. I could live here, at least in the summer…

So, I hope to pedal away by 1 or so. Will stop in at Adventure Cycling Association first to say hello and tell them about our efforts to protect sharks. They’re a great organization, and will really get behind Spinning.

Photo is Erik and Daisy!

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