Off to Missoula!


The day has finally arrived for me to begin this adventure!  MIxed feelings as I am stoked for the ride and the adventure, but will dearly miss my family and friends back home.  Will be driving with my son Marcus down to LAX for an afternoon flight, and then will stay with a good friend in Missoula tonight.  Picking up the bike and trailer at Hellgate Cyclery  (who have been super helpful- thanks!) on Tuesday morn, and then pedal off down the road.  The goal is to make it to Darby by Tuesday night, a ride of 70 miles or so.  That could be a challenge if I get a late start out of Missoula.  Weather there looks fine, so that should help.

Thanks for all the support from folks who are writing comments!  Thanks particularly to Jonah and parents in Morro Bay for their kind words and deep concern for sharks and the health of the Earth’s oceans.  Shark finning is terribly wrong, and we’ve got to band together to bring it to an end.  Please continue to share our campaign with all you know.  Even if they don’t donate,  just raising the awareness of as many people as possible is critically important.

See you in Montana!

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2 Responses to Off to Missoula!

  1. Rashell Boyden (Ralston) says:

    Go Mark! My family and I are cheering you on and we wish you a safe trip. Thank you for all you do. We are inspired by your commitment, compassion and enthusiasm.

  2. Jodi Fisher says:

    Glad you made it Missoula! Jonah was thrilled to c you mention his name! You are a hero to him (his own words!)… thanks again for fighting for what we all should be fighting for.. our passions! Again- Well wishes to you..and we will continue to spread the word! Have fun & spin away! We will be thinking of you!
    Jodi (on behalf of Jonah)

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