Flying on Monday

Been working hard to get things done at home! It seems no matter how much you plan and organize, there is always a crush of stuff to do at the end

It helps to stay focused on the objective………sharks.
I am super excited about. beginning the adventure and starting. the ride
Many thanks to all who have helped get us to this point, especially Gaylene Ewing!


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One Response to Flying on Monday

  1. Nicole says:

    So Mr. D. I hear that your got a Droid. This from the same man that teased me about always having my phone with me??? I find it very amusing to picture you standing by your bike blogging about your day! Although I am most definitely looking forward to reading about it!
    P.S. And if you ever have any technical difficulties with that crazy piece of technology, I also happen to own a Droid and you can always call me for help! Good luck!

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