Leaving for Missoula in one week!

Getting really excited here!  One week from tomorrow I fly to Missoula and begin the adventure.  Preparations are in hand; I have been giving lots of thought to what to bring and what to leave home.  I did a 1040 mile bike tour last summer, pulling a BOB trailer, and I want to keep the trailer as light as possible this year.

I’ve been having lots of opportunities to share the shark finning problem with people as I work to promote the campaign.  I am heartened to learn that many folks already know at least something about what is happening, and all are disgusted and distraught about it.  It gives me hope when I learn that people have empathy even for an animal that most consider to be a ruthless killer of people(which it is not).

Many thanks to Cambria Bicycle Outfitters who have been very generous and supportive of our campaign.  They have given me a deep discount on parts and supplies for the bike, provided a free tuneup for my bike, and also boxed and shipped both bike and trailer to Missoula.  Thank you CBO!

Talk to you soon!

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One Response to Leaving for Missoula in one week!

  1. Jodi Fisher says:

    Just wanted to thank you for doing this! My 8 year old son, Jonah, is a huge fan! We watched SharkWater and he said it was his life mission to help save sharks. We were horrified by the reality of what is happening to these amazing animals (along w/ whales, dolphin, etc). Jonah decided for his 8th bday party, instead of presents, he would raise money for sharks. He raised close to $150 in one day and donated locally at the Morro Bay “Save the Whales” rally.. to the Sea Shephard Organization, allocated to help sharks. He also wrote Obama about it and was so happy when he wrote back. Being 8, it was hard to explain to him how something like this is allowed to happen.. he asked why no one cares. But..thanks to you, he feels different. Thanks for taking the time to support the cause.. have a safe journey and know that you are making a difference! Much appreciation- Jodi Fisher (and family) , especially Jonah!

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