Back from Santa Cruz Island!

My group of 19 students and I are back from Santa Cruz Island. We spent a week there exploring and performing plant conservation work for The Nature Conservancy.  It was a fantastic trip with lots of hiking, swimming at the island’s glorious beaches, and doing plant transect work.

With only two and one half weeks to go, I am busy getting the bike  and myself ready to go.  There is a lot to planning such a ride; from being physically ready to pedal 6-8 hours a day (much of it at high altitude as I will cross the continental divide 3 times), to getting the bike and trailer ready to go.  There is a lot of strain on the bicycle itself when it is pulling a trailer continuously for 3 weeks, and one must be prepared for some components to -at least potentially- fail.  So, I’m busy now thinking all that through and trying to prepare for contingencies.

The route is set, and we will be posting it on the website soon!  I’m planning of averaging about 75 miles per day, and am looking forward to some gorgeous scenery as I pedal through Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Sharks are on my mind daily, and despite the busyness of getting ready to go, our efforts to stop the finning of these magnificent animals must remain the focus of this campaign.   Sharks need our help desperately, and your contributions and assistance in spreading the word about our campaign -and their plight- are deeply appreciated.

See you soon,  Mark

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