One Month to Go!

One Month Away!

Hello Everyone!

Its Saturday morning, June 12 exactly one month before I begin the ride.  It is also the first day of summer!  At least from the perspective of a teacher who said goodbye to his students yesterday.  That makes this a terrific day!  Not because of having to say bye to so many awesome kids, but because it begins a couple months of freedom!

Well, sort of …..  because tomorrow I will be gone for a week out to Santa Cruz Island (off the coast of Santa Barbara) where I bring 19 students each summer to do plant conservation work for The Nature Conservancy.  We monitor the bunchgrasses, and many other trees, shrubs and forbs on the island.  It is enormously fun, and an amazing adventure.  But….. I’m still the teacher for another week, this time outdoors the entire time.

So, I won’t be in “blog contact” for 10 days or so.  I’ll let you all know how the Santa Cruz adventure went when I return.  Until then, stay well, and please share our Spinning to End Finning campaign with everyone you know.!  Many thanks!


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