I had a fun training ride yesterday, riding from Paso Robles to Cambria, a hilly ride of about 28 miles.  I had intended to pull the trailer again, but when I got it out of the garage it had a flat, and I had no time to fix it, so I ended up just riding the bike…….

Which was about all I wanted because of this hurricane force (or so it seemed!) headwind.  Oh well, wind is part of cycling.

It was a beautiful afternoon, despite the windy conditions, and I had a fun ride.  If you’ve ever driven (or ridden) highway 46 west, it’s a beautiful road, with gorgeous views of the ocean once you make the summit.

So, I made it home only to find out that my cell phone was missing!  I carry it in a little pouch that rests right by the handlebars, but when I got home it was gone!  So, I drove the car back up and re-traced about 12 miles of the ride- part of it on my daughter’s Razor Scooter!- no luck finding it…….. But as I was pulling up to the house, my wife Sally had it in her hand!  Apparently someone found it only a few yards from my house, found our home number on it, and called to say “I think I might have your cell phone!”.   HA!!

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