Training with the trailer

On Friday, June 4 I set off on a ride with my BOB trailer.  I ride a Bianchi 928 road bike (2007 model), and have been riding between 300-450 miles a month over the last 2 years.  Friday was another training ride, and was my first ride since last summer with the trailer.   I was a bit apprehensive about how it would feel to pull the extra weight.  I find that pulling the trailer -which when loaded up weighs about 35 pounds- slows me down by about 20%.  I usually average around 15-18 mph, but with the BOB it goes down to 13-14.

To my delight, I felt pretty good after riding 36 miles!  And the next day I felt no worse for wear, so that also was encouraging.  The summer ride will have me riding about 75 miles per day, so I have some training to do to get in better shape.  But overall,  I’m feeling pretty fit, and am really excited about our campaign to help protect sharks.  I’m eager to get on the road for them!

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